Comfort food

Comfort food consumption has been seen as a response to emotional stress and, consequently.

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Our mission is to provide Quality and excellence service to our customers promptly and exclusively.


24/7 Assistance is assured with our readily available fleet on Budget and Luxury cars with well appointed drivers.

Star Restaurant

The Sree Tours offers accommodation of exceptional grace and comfort.

About Us

We SREE TOURS started to give pleasant and enjoyable days to free from stresses in lovely india.It had been started by a single man name Mr.Paramasivan who loved in travelling and enjoying the days given by the almighty. Later on I free India he was impressed by most of the British culture, which had been left in India by our Britain friends. This was inspired in his mind for a long time and ended by giving Happiest Enjoyable days making beautiful round the clock in India, towards the GREENWHICHMERIDIAN as SREE TOURS. His owes are true by service to Europeans, Americans Etc.,by SREE TOURS.


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